PDF Split and Marge Editor

Download PDF Split&Marge 3.03 for free

PDF Split&Marge 3.03 – free program for editing PDF files (splitting and merging).

This small program developed by PDFSam Company.

Each person time to time works with PDF files. Most of the time we use PDF files for reading, but sometimes we also need to create and edit them, usually we need such functions when we scan documents. When you scan documents they are saved as images and you need to use a special program to convert them into PDF file. When you scan many pages related to each other and you want to split them in one document you need to use special program, one of such program you can use is PDFSplit&Marge.

PDF Split&Marge Program Description

This program is used for splitting and merging PDF files. You can compile all scanned documents in one file, or you can split files according to your preferences. Despite the fact that program contains lots of functions you can download PDF Split&Marge for free.

It is also simple to merge files as to split them. Here you can set the PDF Split&Marge Settings according to your preferences. You can split files not only by pages, but also by parts and articles.

Program is cross-platformed, it means that it can work with different operating systems.

Technical specifications:

Version: PDF Split&Marge 3.03
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: PDFsam
System: Windows All
Program size: 32.9 Mb

Download PDF Split and Marge 3.03 for free without registration


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