ProcessKo Program

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ProcessKO 3.88 – free program for managing processes in Windows OS.

Program can replace standard task manager that not always works properly.

Everyone has ever faced situations of programs freeze in Windows OS. In most cases in order to solve this program you need to switch off not working process that is in loopback or simply stopped working. But there are some programs and their processes that cannot be switched off by disabling tasks. In such cases you can use ProcessKO Program.

ProcessKO Program Description

Program is developed for managing processes that cannot be stopped with standard methods. ProcessKO carries out process termination in very simple and easy way in just several mouse clicks. There are not restrictions and limitations in program operation, and that’s why program operating speed is very high.

Program interface is quite simple. Before you close any process and operate the program you need to tick – “I am an expert and I know what I am doing”. That’s the way developers secure themselves against actions from the side of inexperienced users. Please note that managing processes in wrong way can cause many problems with computer system.

There is a panel called “Favorites” where you can place the most frequently used processes. Below there is a list of processes that can be switched off according to timer, but be careful this times is not standard, it contains only 19 seconds period. On the top you can find menu that you use for managing processes. And here you can place processes in “Favorites” and set the timer.

Technical specifications:

Version: ProcessKO 3.88
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: SoftwareOK
System: Windows All
Program size: 0.093 / 0.211 MB

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