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RAM Optimizer – Wise Memory Optimizer 3.51 Free

RAM Optimizer – Wise Memory Optimizer 3.51 – free application for enhancing your computer’s performance.

If your computer slows down try to optimize your RAM with Wise Optimizer.

Computer freezing cannot be completely avoided, especially if your computer has a small RAM. It plays a crucial role for smooth operation of computer systems.

Why shoud you clean computer memory?

During operation of various programs, especially those that operate on a background mode – memory gets clogged. Processor uses data by portions which comes sequentially thereto. But memory does not clean itself, it only happens when power is off. And when memory is hammered due to daily computer operation  – all the following pieces of information delete obsolete ones which are in the memory for a long time. This process consumes valuable time and your computer starts to slow down. That’s why you have to clean the memory. You can do so easily with Wise Memory Optimizer Program.

RAM Optimizer – Wise Memory Optimizer Description

Wise Memory Optimizer – is your assistant to clean memory and speed up your computer. It is very simple and easy to use. It is only a small window, a large part of it is radial diagram that shows the RAM occupancy. Below there is a single button – click it and you will clean your RAM. In advanced mode, you will have a window with options where you can set up automatic memory optimization during filling to a specified level.

Also Wise Optimizer can be used as portable. If you have too less memory and you want that Wise Optimizer does not consume it at all, this application can be installed on ordinary flash drive and you can run it from the USB. With such use system is less loaded and more productive.

Technical specifications:

Version: Wise Memory Optimizer 3.51
Status: Freeware
Language: English
Developer: WiseCleaner
System: Windows
Program size: 1.4 Мb

Download Wise Memory Optimizer for free from official web-site


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