Screenpresso Program

Download Screenpresso 1.6.1 for free

Screenpresso 1.6.1 – free program for capturing screenshots and recording videos.

Program contains great set of functions and additional settings for screenshots capturing.

To capture a screenshot of the desktop is not that easy, you need to use special application. To make nice screenshot and edit it in a way you wish by using standard Windows tools is not possible. Of course in this case you need to use additional program-editor, but why to install several applications when you can simply install one programs package called Screenpresso?

Screenpresso Program Description

Program lets you to capture screenshot, edit and add different elements, icons and other informative signs to the screenshot. Also program lets to make a video of your work with the screenshot.

Screenpresso Program interface is done in dark colors. When you choose a “to make a screenshot of chosen screen part” option you will see another additional function that is not available in other similar programs, it is – fast pointing. Screenpresso Program automatically scans the whole desktop and offers to point up the needed parts without taking into consideration locations of the cursor. It is really comfortable because you do need to point up needed screen parts manually, it  will be done automatically. Screenpresso Program lets to make a screenshot of the whole web-site. For doing so you simply need to point up the web-site in the browser and scroll it down till the end. Program automatically compiles screenshots in one.

After you make a screenshot program automatically opens Screenpresso Screenshot Editor. Here you can add different elements, write some text or comments, impose images and icons to your screenshot.

Also you can record videos. You can record videos of the whole desktop or just choose the needed desktop parts you want to make a video about.

It is worth to notice that for using Screenpresso Program you do not need to install it, you can use this program in a portable mode.

Technical specifications:

Version: Screenpresso
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Screenpresso
System: Windows
Program size: 11.6 Mb

Download Screenpresso 1.6.1 for free without registration


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