Secret Disk Program

Download Secret Disk 3.01 for free

Secret Disk 3.01 – free program for setting the password on Windows OS local drive.

Program secures access to the drive by setting the password that can be entered only in the program.

Time to time each user has some files that he/she wants to be hided from other users. This program is for people who appreciate and search for confidentiality. Windows OS does not have function of setting the password to the drive in its standard settings. One of such third-party program you can install is Secret Disk.

Secret Disk Program Description

If you want to hide some important files you can use Secret Disk Program. Program creates so called environment with the password where such files can be stored. This environment is simple the part which is transferred from the hard drive to the separate local one. When you attempt to open hided file you will need to insert a password. Also program provides you with information about attempts of other people to open your confidential information.

Program is also protected with the password. Before inserting the password for entering the hided part you also need to insert the password for the program what ensures safety of your private information.

There is also a program version on paying basis. First of all with paid version you get much more hided space (unlimited) for your private information secured with the password. Another thing should be noticed is function called “Password under pressure”, it means that when any user inserts the wrong password he/she will see the empty folder.

Technical specifications:

Version: Secret Disk 3.01
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: PrivacyRoot
System: Windows All
Program size: 501 KB

Download Secret Disk 3.01 for free from official web-site


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