Spybot Search and Destroy

Download Spybot – Search&Destroy 2.4.40 for free

Spybot – Search& Destroy 2.4.40 – program for detecting spyware in your computer.

This utility protects your personal data and your computer.

You can notice that some strange processes (not system processes) appear time to time. Frequently those are spyware modules or Trojans. And most often you install such programs by yourself, for example when you download programs or applications from unknown web-sites, or when you install paid program versions for free. So there are really many ways to infect your computer with such programs. Download Spybot Application and eliminate spyware in your computer.

Spybot Program Description

This antispyware application works as antivirus. It scans computer system and in case is detects some Trojans or spyware – applications deletes it. If Spybot notifies that after deleting some components programs stop working, application replaces such components itself. These empty files and processes do not prevent system operation, but at the same time your system gets rid of spyware.

Spybot–Search& Destroy  also deletes all browser journals: pages viewing, downloaded files and so on. Besides browsers program cleans recently open files, videos or programs.

Spybot-Search&Destroy provides you with good protection and eliminates spyware components on your computer.

Technical specification:

Version: Spybot – Search& Destroy 2.4.40
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Safer-NetWorking Ltd
System: Windows All
Program size: 44.4 Mb

Download Spybot-Search&Destroy for free from official web-site


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