Starter Program

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Starter – free program for managing applications autoloading in Windows OS.

Program has simple and understandable interface.

Time to time we install new applications and programs. Nowadays many of installed applications and program run the autoloading of their updated files without letting you know about it. If you have several programs installed on your computer it will not be a problem, in case you have many programs and applications installed it can cause a great pressure for your computer system.

Starter Program Description

Program has simple and comfortable interface for working with autoloading processes. On the top of the program window you can find managing buttons, on the left side there is a Windows Registry Explorer, and the main part of the program window is occupied by the table with the list of autoloadings.

Starter Program lets you to exclude programs autoloading and also delete and add them.

Also you will find two tabs – Processes and Services. Here you can manage processes (program that are started and working at the moment) and services (program that do not have visual interface but work and start themselves without user commands).

Technical specifications:

Version: Starter
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: CodeStuff
System: Windows All
Program size: 0.66 Mb

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