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Stellarium – virtual planetarium on your computer.

It is free and cross-platformed application which is updated and contains huge database about spheres.

Program is flexible in its settings and quite simple in use. If you are interested in astronomy you will definitely enjoy this application, you will get wide information on constellations of starts, nebulas and so on.

Program installation process does not cause any inconveniences. Program does not leave its files in system folders besides settings file – config.ini but it is located in the program folder, in domestic user catalogue.

Managing Stellarium Application

After you start the program you will see the sky and its constellations of starts that can be seen at the moment. Current date and time are set automatically by application, location can be set by you.

Sky Image is being changed accordingly to the local time of your location. You can also slow down or speed up the march of time or get back to the current time of your location. All these settings are located in the panel in right screen part.

You can navigate the sky by using the mouse. When you want to get information on certain object you simple click on it with the left mouse button and you get: positioning data, distance and altitude.

Stellarium — is not just simple applications it is the project of astronomy lovers in the Internet. Application can work with any OS, also you can extend program functionality with additional files and adds.

Technical specifications:

Version: Stellarium 0.16.1
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Fabian Sheron
System: Windows All

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