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Tor Web Browser 7.5 Free Download

Tor Web Browser Free Bundle 7.5 is useful for those users who want to remain anonymous in the network and to be protected from surveillance.

This application is a godsend for those who wish to hide their traffic from strangers.

Tor Web Browser Bundle – is full browser which has the same features as most similar programs. But it has one distinct advantage – it is anonymity: all information is transmitted via a distributed network of relays, so it is impossible to track where and how traffic flows. The name of this technology – Tor – is an acronym for the phrase – the onion router. This unusual name of the network is due to the fact that each message is encrypted multiple times: so that it can be compared with onion which is “dressed in many clothes”. The encrypted information is provided on the intermediate nodes, where router removes the top layer of encryption. In the encryption layers there are instructions, which convey information after decryption. Destination is accidental, so that recipient of the traffic remains to be unknown: as long as the information reaches the target, it will visit many computers connected to the Tor network in different parts of the world. The same applies to the traffic source – anonymous sufing is completely safe for the sender and the recipient.

Tor Browser Bundle is a free program. There are program versions for existing operating systems: for Windows, for Unix, for Linux, iOS, Android, and others. Program is suitable for many users.

In addition to anonymity and protection from surveillance, Tor Browser Bundle has the following advantages:

– relatively small program size;
– fast pages and messaging download;
– high functionality: the application does not yield the most popular browser;
– flexible configuration system.

Tor Browser Bundle is convenient and safe program. You will be able to hide traffic, enjoy benefits of anonymous web surfing and download various data.

Technical specifications:

Version: Tor Browser Bundle 7.5
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: The Tor Project, Inc.
System: Windows All
Program size: 51.4 MB

Tor Browser Download for free from official web-site


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