TrueCrypt Program

Download Program for Data Encryption TrueCrypt 7.2

TrueCrypt 7.2 – is a free program for data encryption.

TrueCrypt allows you to mount the encrypted partitions and while you write information program encrypts data on the fly.

With TrueCrypt, you can store important data in a safe way. With this program you can create a virtual disk which will be presented in the form of an encrypted file. TrueCrypt also allows you to encrypt the hard drive and memory card.

To gain access to the encrypted data by TrueCrypt Program, you can use a password or key files, or both at the same time.

TrueCrypt features:

– Some file that cannot be encrypted with the TrueCrypt Program, will be presented as a set of random data, and no evidence that it was created using TrueCrypt Program

– Using TrueCrypt you can create a hidden partition which can be accessed with individual keys and passwords. For some encrypted data you will use a password, and for another data – you will use another password, while the hidden volume can be of any file system

TrueCrypt can be used as a portable version, but you still need admin rights

– You can customize the quick buttons, on and off the connection to encrypted partitions, as well as the removal of a key in the memory, clearing all history, closing the window and hiding TrueCrypt icon

Technical specifications:

Version: TrueCrypt 7.2
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: TrueCrypt Foundation
System: Windows All
Program size: 2.5 Mb

Download TrueCrypt 7.2 for free without registration


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