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UnrealCommander 2.0.2 – free file manager for Windows OS.

It is an analogue TotalCommander Program. Program has multiple windows to display the OS directories what can speed up your computer.

Most people use standard Windows Explorer to explore directories hierarchy and manage files. And its functionality is quite sufficient for the home use. But those who work with many files, often change directories and use the more advanced file managers. These people are programmers, web developers, and others.

UnrealCommander Description

Unreal Commander is free and has several panels displaying directories. Several panels reduce the time spent on managing files. Thus, you increase your productivity and do not loose time on useless directories surfing.

Design of this file manager is not very different from other similar managers. It is really similar to Total Commander Program. Its main window contains the top panel with control buttons. Those are shortcuts used for quick access to certain functions. You can customize and add those regarding to your preferences. So it is quite comfortable to work with Unreal Commander File Manager.

Below there are local disks navigation bottoms. When you press them, disc content immediately appears in the corresponding panel. The panels are located below the disks. Content is displayed in tables. The table fields can be set up and sort the content.

UnrealCommander Features

Speed work with files and folders via the file manager is increased not only due to the rapid functions handling. Unreal Commander gives you an ability to control the process with the hotkeys. They are also can be adjusted to your preferences.

Unreal Commander provides additional opportunities for advanced files search. You can search files not only by the name, type, size and expansion, there is a plurality of other parameters. There is a function of multiple files and folders renaming. It is very comfortable when you work with files of the same type.

Unreal Commander is a software that can be downloaded for free. You should not worry about licenses and any restrictions.

Technical specifications:

Version: Unreal Commander 2.0.2 build 1111
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Max Diesel
System: Windows All
Program size: 8.4 Mb

Download Unreal Commander 2.0.2 for free from official web-site


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