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Viber App for Windows Free Download

Viber App is the most popular messenger for smartphones. Nowadays it is also possible to download it to your computer for Windows OS. You can send messages and make calls. Messenger is absolutely free.

Viber App for Windows can be considered as an analogue to Skype. In order to properly use it – your computer should be connected to Internet. With Viber you can send messages, make calls, send photos to other Viber users. Also there is a function of video call. But unfortunately it is available only in beta-version so you can face some certain problems while having a video call.

Interface onsists of three columns. The left column consists of navigating menu for dialogs, contacts list, phoning function and settings. There is a numeric keypad for dialing and two buttons “Call” and “Send Message”. The second column shows your dialogs. The third one displays content of your dialogs. Program settings are divided into 5 tabs: basics, audio/video, notification, account and sharing. In “Basics” you can set up and automatic program start up. “Audio/video” is responsible for choice of appropriate devices and volume of microphone and audio speakers. Then you can set up Viber pop-ups. There are 7 screen settings. In “Account” you can log in or log out. You also can share Viber with your friends in social networks.

Despite fact that Viber only operates with Internet connection, you can make calls to people who do not have Viber Messenger. So you can simply call to any phone number. Call prices are quite low comparing to prices provided by Skype. You can see prices on official Viber web-site.

For registering you just have to state your password. For log in you also use your phone number. But first of all you have to install Viber on your mobile phone and then download it on your computer, otherwise program will not operate.

Technical specifications:

Version: Viber
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Viber Media
System: Windows All
Program size: 80.3 Mb

Download Viber for free from official web-site


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