Video Card Info Software GPU-Z

Video Card Info Software GPU-Z 2.7.0 Free Download

Video Card Info Software GPU-Z is designed to control video card and graphical processing unit.

Application works under Microsoft Windows OS, starting from Windows 2000 up to modern version of system – 2.5.0 GPU-Z allows administrator to obtain the following information:

What can be determined by the Video Card Info Software GPU-Z:

– video card type and system name;
– name of graphical processing unit;
– variety of connection interface;
– amount, type and bus width of video memory;
– technological process of video adapter;
– supported interfaces and technology of hardware and software architecture;
– support for pixel shader or DirectX;
– frequency of GPU and memory;
– driver version;
– BIOS specifications.

Additionally, GPU-Z displays data received from sensors. Program can be used for measuring power consumption by Intel “IvyBridge” and “SandyBridge”. Program also makes it possible to perform accurate tests graphics of PCI Express.

The latest version has improved support for existing software and adds support for a new one. Also order of interaction with RenderTest is fixed and interaction with CUDA and NVIDIA Optimus is improved. In addition, developers of TechPowerUp Company eliminated number of minor bugs.

Application is free, you can download it from our web-site. Program has a friendly and intuitive window interface. In addition to English, application supports other international languages.

An important advantage of this program is an ability to automatically detect system parameters. User just needs to run the application and required information will appear on the computer screen. For convenience, data is presented in tabular form: developers have done it on purpose, so that users cannot get entangled in a variety of settings. Some data is accompanied by visual infographics, for example- GPU Temperature.

In general, GPU-Z is excellent modern program that can become a reliable tool for administrator. The utility is small but has high performance.

Technical specifications:

Version: GPU-Z 2.7.0
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: TechPowerUp
System: Windows All
Program size: 4.9 MB

Download GPU-Z 2.7.0 for free from official


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