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Vivaldi Browser 1.14.1077.50 Windows Free Download

Vivaldi Browser 1.14.1077.50 – free browser developed by Opera, fast and easy to use.

After Opera Software CEO has resigned few years ago, he decided to work on his own browser. According to his speech, browser must be “for the people” where all their needs and wishes are taken into account. And after few years of work and communication with users a technical test version of the Vivaldi Browser was presented. You get a browser which is controlled by you, not another way round.

Vivaldi is built on the fastest Google engine – Chromium. Browser supports all popular operating systems: Mac OS, Windows and UNIX-based systems. Its interface is very similar to the interface of all modern browsers. The color palette and design resemble to Windows 8. It also has some Opera interface elements. It has the same panel (on the left side) which provides an access to your bookmarks, history, downloads and others. The control over the tabs is interestingly organized. Now if you do not like the tab located at the top of the panel, you can place them anywhere where you will be most comfortable to work with them: down, left, right, top, or you can turn those off completely and navigate only with the keyboard. By the way, a strong emphasis was made on keyboard navigation and keyboard shortcuts, it does your work in the Internet faster and more productive.

Also mail client and synchronization of all contacts, tabs and bookmarks are provided. It is possible to take notes directly in the browser. By the way, notes are also synchronized on all devices. But Vivaldi Browser for mobile devises is still under development.

Vivaldi Browser leaves positive impression especially when you consider that this is only a test version. In general, developers hope to make it the fastest browser in the world due to the fact that they refuse extensions and try to implement all sorts of additions to the Vivaldi System. If they do so we will get the fastest and most functional browser.

Technical specifications:

Version: Vivaldi 1.14.1077.50
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Vivaldi Technologies
System: Windows All

Download Vivaldi x86 Free From Official Web-Site

Download Vivaldi x64 Free From Official Web-Site



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