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Download VueMinder Lite 2016.00 for free

VueMinder Lite 2016.00 – free organizer with excellent design and operating speed.

Program has great system of notifications, tasks and sub-tasks.

Nowadays people who live in big cities use many different techniques in order to do everything in time and never be late. And of course it is hard to keep all information in mind, that’s why we all use organizers, calendars and other notification systems. VueMinder Lite gathered all these functions and can significantly simplify your life and you always will be in time.

VueMinder Lite Program Description

Comparing to other similar organizer VueMinder Lite lets you to set and manage your scheduler in the most efficient and flexible way. Developers state that VueMinder Lite contains unique functions that are not provided by other similar programs.

With VueMinder Lite you can create occasions and meetings that are planned not only for a single time also those that happen regularly. It is useful for occasions that happen every day, every week, each month of year and so on. You also can set the program in a way it automatically creates new occasions and notify you about them in advance. You can highlight occasions and notes with different colors.

VueMinder Lite lets to create notes, tasks and sub-tasks and also to split up big tasks. You can attach files to all created notes, it can be photos, presentations and so on. There is also contacts storage where you can place information about important contacts and information about people.

VueMinder Lite can synchronize all your notifications with other services such are Google-Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and others. Also VueMinder Lite automatically creates backups of your valuable information in order to prevent information loss.

Technical specifications:

Version: VueMinder Lite 2016.00
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: VueSoft
System: Windows
Program size: 13.2 Mb

Download VueMinder Lite 2016.00 for free


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