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Wavosaur 1.2 has lots of features for editing and processing audio files. You can download editor without registering for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Operating System.

Surely all of us have a favorite song with an explosive chorus which we would like to listen again and again. How often do you have the desire to put the chorus as a ringtone on your mobile phone? But for this you need to trim a song to enjoy only the chorus. For these purposes Wavosaur Editor was developed.

Wavosaur Program Description

Wavosaur Application exists for many years. Since the first version was released many useful features were added and most of the bugs were fixed. Sound editor is easy to operate and it does not take much space. It also does not take many system resources what helps it to cope with the tasks perfectly even on slower computers.

Developers did not take much care of the application design and were mostly developing its functionality. Design of audio editor resembles to Windows applications from the beginning of the 2000s, but its functionality helps to forget about it. The upper part of the audio editor is a control panel. It may consist of several parts, in which operation buttons are displayed. This panel you can customize on your own, add, group, and sort tools in any order. Program interface supports internal windows. That is, you can open multiple windows within the application and work with all of them. This enables faster access to files and thus reduces the time you spend on processing audio.

Wavosaur Audio Editor Features:

Audio editor contains standard functions such as copy, cut, paste or delete. These all you can use when processing the file or separate fragment. Editor supports main (mp3, wav, ogg) and a variety of other audio file formats. Also, application is able to process multiple files at once, that is, there is batch processing available.

In addition to standard functions of audio editor, there are also functions of filters overlapping. List of them is pre-defined, but there is also ability to import and custom own filters. There is a support for VST-plug-ins and VST-effects, so you can use a synthesizer or sampler.

You can download sound using a microphone. Program has a function of recording from the line input. Also, there is a possibility of sound processing directly from a microphone.

Audio editor supports not only editing, it is also capable for analyzing incoming audio streams. You can find a full list of analyzers and statistics.

Technical specifications:

Version: Wavosaur
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: Wavosaur
System: Windows All
Program size: 0.3 / 1.4 Mb

Download Wavosaur 1.2 for free from official web-site

Download Wavosaur 1.2 x64 for free from official web-site


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