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Wipe 15.13 – free program for hiding and deleting your data after your surfing the Internet.

Program allows to keep in secret all actions and operations have made during your Internet surfing.

Most probably in some cases you would like to hide your operations in Internet. In such cases deleting browser history is not enough. You should know that your actions are also recorded in registry, not only in browser history. In order to stay anonymous you need to do lots of manual work, but instead of spending your time you can use Wipe Program that provides you with automatic services, you just need to press a button.

Wipe Program Description

As it is stated above all your actions are recorded in different data storages. Wipe Porgram lets you to clean cookies, browser cache, browser history and others. Main advantage of Wipe Program is that program does not simply deletes elements and entries that show what you have been doing on computer but deletes it in a way that they cannot be recovered.

Wipe Program is also used for system optimization, because all this data takes much space on computer and also consumes system resources. Wipe Program cleans Google Chrome, Yandex, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, SlimJet, ComodoBrowser, InternetExplorer, IceDragon and other browsers.

Also Wipe Program has a version on paying basis. The main distinguishing feature between free version and paid one is that you can exclude programs and data that you do not want to be removed. Also paid version is regularly updated, free versions is not updated at all.

Technical specifications:

Version: Wipe
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: PrivacyRoot
System: Windows All
Program size: 0.5 Mb

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