Wireless Network Watcher

Download Wireles Network Watcher 2.02 for free

Wireless Network Watcher 2.02 – free program for scanning and defining computers in wireless or local nets.

You can define who is connected to your or any other net.

We know that some strangers can connect to our wireless net and use our Internet traffic. It happens when we do not set any password for Internet connection, or we set really simple password that be easily recognized. Nowadays routers are advanced and block some strange computers or devices trying to connect to our net. It can be done with MAC address, IP or computer name. But how to define who is connected to the net? You can easily see users with Wireless Network Watcher.

Wireless Network Watcher Program Description

Program interface is really simple. In deed it is a small window with two main buttons: Start and Stop. First button is to start scanning, second one is to stop scanning.

Network Watcher scans your network and computers and devices connected to the network (program also scans computers connected via cabel). So you can obtain all information about your network. You will see strange users in the list in case somebody else uses your Internet traffic.

Wireless Network Watcher shows computer IP address, then you will see computer name so you can define computer owner or user. With MAC-adress you can block access to your Wi-Fi.

Download Wireless Network Watcher for free and secure your network.

Technical specifications:

Version: Wireless Network Watcher 2.02
Language: English
Status: Freeware
Developer: NirSoft
System: Windows All
Program size: 353 Kb

Download Wireless Network Watcher for free from official web-site


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